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best quality

The products of irwoc company are well-known and well-respected in the country. This group is of great importance to customer-oriented applications, and all products are ISO-certified and internationally standardized.

Years of experience

Irwoc Company has been operating since the year 2016 to date and has been working with experienced experts and consultants to increase productivity and deliver the ultimate consumer product.


Irwoc has been able to export its products to dozens of countries worldwide as a model of quality management and annual trade and resonate the name of Iran on global markets.

Annie Zarrin Tejarat Shahr Co.

Annie Zarrin Tejarat Shahr Co., which started its business since the beginning of 2016 with the brand name irwoc and began to produce and sell various types of stone. During these few years, the policy of this group focused on successful exports, based on the thinking of valuing and progressing the prospects for the development of the stone industry and out of the circle of current and past problems. Since then, the irwoc products have been exported to more than 10 countries around the world. Currently, the trade group of this group continues with a number of foreign buyers in the area of copper stone and processed stone.


Extraction, processing and export of the best-quality stones

Based on the world ranking in terms of Iran's rock deposits, it is ranked fourth, but due to technical weakness in the processing industry, it has not been able to obtain an adequate share of the market for the export of this mineral. Countries that have a major share in the world market are extracted They have high technology. One of the most important determinants of economic efficiency of rocks, methods and technology of extraction. One of the important parameters in selecting the appropriate method for extraction of building stones is to know the type of cutting stone and its physical and mechanical properties. Irwoc Company, taking advantage of the experience of several years in the first level, has selected the best extraction resources for the export of stones, which has now been able to take a major step forward with the export of the best-quality rocks to the rest of the world. 

Products and Services

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Cutting and processing of stone in the factory

All of the stones are stored in the mines after extraction from the mine and then sent to the trailer after being purchased by the factories. The rocks are crude cups, which must be cut and processed on them. These cabs can be small and in the form of carcasses, or in the form of soap dipped cups, which are considered to be the best option for the factory in terms of low.
These cabs are placed under the factory crane and evacuated from the trailer. Care should be taken when picking up coupons to avoid potential hazards. The next step is to put the cube below the crop cutter. This device may be a simple peak, a crank or a huge saw. For all of these devices, the cuff is first tucked in place and then the blade starts to cut it vertically. Next, the rocks are cut off in the cuttings of the factory and are placed in a space to slightly dry and prepare for the next steps. The next step depends on the sex of the rock. If the stone is travertine, it should be prepared for the process of resin and furnace. If the genus is marble, it is prepared for the UV stage. Granite stone does not require any special preparation. After this step, the stone goes under the machine to get its surface. This step will make the surface of the stone transparent and shiny, and its degree will vary for different rocks. This is a process that is common in the whole world. Only the difference may be in terms of quality. After this stage, the rock is ready for exploitation. The cut and paid stone is placed at the appropriate place to make cutting operations on the customer's order. 

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